Brand Story


Life is all twists and turns, ups and downs, even cold or sometimes warm. That is its beauty, each contrast teaching to welcome the other, recognize the hidden blessings. And in these contrasts lies our growth, what we choose to do, to contribute, to become or how we cope up during these times is what defines us, our strengths, our character, our very Being!

When challenges of Life strike, it is most important to soothe our inner core, calm our inner self so that we can deal with the situation outside. Comforting our self is important for our emotional well being, to cope with life’s challenges and stressful situations. Only then can we welcome the difficult times with open arms, continue to celebrate life while fighting with our best effort waiting for the tide to turn. Creating our own comforting space soothes our senses, helps us to face life, to embrace life!

It is just like what we do when our living space feels cold. We light up a few candles to create an ambience of warmth, sip in hot cocoa, tea or coffee to warm the core and then snug up, wrap ourselves in a luxe blanket while we relax on soft inviting bedding with comfy soft pillows, throws, sheets, comforters bundled in to add to the warmth. This comfort instills in us a sense of positivity, an emotional strength while physically protecting to combat the cold.

That is what Rian is all about!

Rian, Embrace Comfort, Embrace Life!


To offer highest quality, luxurious products that inspire comfort, relaxation, healthy sleep while promoting overall well being at affordable price!


To be a global leader in offering comfort combined with luxury and aesthetic beauty!